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We've made it our mission to educateequip and empower children who have experienced significant trauma, and help them create a self-leading future. 

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About us

We're a women's fashion brand backed by Australia's top designers built on ethical foundations, we're here to shake the industry. Our talented designers create some trendy pieces but, they also like to wear them - with quite some sass might I add.
Our fashion designers are among the most talented and trendy people from across Australia. So we decided to ask them what they wear when they're out and about.
  • We spoke to designer, Tahlia, who said " I usually like to dress up with a nice skirt or dress and heels for a night out. If it's more casual I'll just put on some nice jeans and heels."
  • Our designer Ash loves the Australian beach and is always showing off her summer tan. "I always wear a two-piece bikini to maximise my tan and show off my curves. But, I never forget to bring a nice top for an elegant cover-up when I'm walking about".
  • Cutting shapes at your next music festival? Like to gabber to hardstyle? Our stylist is always dancing during our photoshoots. Check out her collection of festival clothes before you head out to show off those moves!
  • Every workplace has at least one fitness fanatic and ours is no different. "breathable, comfortable and sexy" is how our activewear designer outlines her activewear requirements. Whether she's going to the gym, or to brunch with the girls afterwards, she rocks our activewear collection.
  • So there you have it, what our designers wear when they're out and about. We hope this gives you some inspiration for your next night out. Stay stylish!