Well Hello There!

About Us

At Absent Society, we are a women’s online fashion brand that guarantees you new styles and quality fabrics through to the finest detail, and trust me, we know detail.

 Our vision is to fight back against the overly priced and non-ethical brands and bring you the true, raw, no filter clothes we all deserve.


We don’t just love fashion, we love business, science and everything in between. Our fabrics are a combination of synthetics and recycled textiles. This means it saves you  whilst still giving you the expected snugly and breathable textiles. But most of all, we’ve made it environmentally friendly.

Our director has come from the medical field treating cancer, and so charities are a big part of our brand. If you work in a charity or know of any charities, get in touch! We love every chance to give back.

We just want to exist, help and empower.