Absent Society Logo

Absent Society is an Australian fashion brand with a mission to use fashion as a means to help young children. Their motto is: Educate, Equip and Empower.

Absent Society started off as a small home business and has quickly gained traction after its launch with numerous features in magazines such as Elegant, Poza, Salyse, Absent Hill and Shuba Magazines.

AS saw a gap in today's fashion industry in two areas, quality, and responsibility.

  • Absent Society is determined to use their business platform to take responsibility and make changes through their innovative idea as they believe that today's "sustainable fashion" trends are a standard, and demand that fashion brands delve deeper.
    • See how Absent Society is planning to help young women affected by human trafficking HERE.
  • Absent Society is focused on modernizing fashion in Australia by incorporating fabric engineering in their fabrics and textiles to deliver quality clothes as a standard which all clothing brands should provide.