How to invest in the perfect swimwear

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When it comes down to buying and investing in your next long term swimswear, what really counts? I think we can all agree on:

  • A comfortable fit for your body
  • Textiles that won’t fail on you after one wear
  • A style that matches your identity

Everything thing else is just an invalid reason to convince yourself that you need something now, with no context or rationale. When we break down what these important factors actually entail, we really start to understand and appreciate our own sense of style and confidence.


  1. So, what is the perfect fit?

Who’s to tell you what the perfect fit bikini or swimsuit for your body is? These rules don’t exist when it comes down to your own body. If you are comfortable in a triangle bikini bra and a high leg bikini pant, then that’s the perfect fit for you!

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  1. Textiles that don’t give in.

Absent Society sources convenient textiles that serves a purpose. Smooth and soft fabrics with quick-drying features, wrinkle-free on the hanger and an impressive triple fibre elastic for the perfect stretch and strength around your body.

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  1. Personal style lasts forever

Fashion trends can enhance your personal style and hence why there is so much money in the fashion industry. We care about how we look and the refreshing confidence we feel when embracing what we wear.

Pick a swimsuit style that highlights your personality in the finer details. Be mindful that your personality will always be the same except we are influenced by our surroundings. Buying a bikini or swimsuit that reflects this statement will mean you can be sure to wear your bathers again and again without it lacking interest.

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