4 Confidence Boosting Swimwear styles

Here are 4 top picked swimwear styles that are bound to boost your confidence by the seaside. We look for box-ticking features like form and fit, functionality and day to day transitioning.  

  1. The Triangle Bikini is one of the more classic and favourable styles for a really good reason. It gives you the playfulness and creativity to mix and match accordingly and is the perfect style to wear by the beach side. The Classic Triangle Bikini has adjustable straps and a high leg pant design. Engineered with quick-drying features, wrinkle-free on the hanger and an impressive triple fibre elastic for the perfect stretch and strength around your body.
  1. The Swimsuit one piece is the best full coverage style that looks flattering on just about anybody. It can come in a range of designs and silhouette cuts to ensure a flattering fit. A body-hugging swimsuit goes a long way when boosting your confidence. It can also serve as a bodysuit piece styled with a beach sarong by the seaside transitioning to explore local cafes and markets.
  1. The High Waist Bikini Pant offers support and shape-wear to one of the more stubborn areas of a woman’s body. Feeling firm at the beach is a good feeling and for that, we are thankful for high waist bikini pants.
  1. Crop Bikini Tops are a trending style that is full of functionality. A nice fuller coverage bikini top that holds a lot of support and resembles a clothing crop top. It can be used as a yoga bra as well! Another transformative piece that makes a great confidence booster.