How to look like stylish BFFs

Key Points

  • Chic and comfort is goals
  • Have fun with layers and oversized knits on a cold brunch day
  • Maxi dresses because you are on a mini-vacay with friends
  • French details are so chic

“Brunch” is the word when it comes to casual catch-ups and it is arguably an all-time favourite leisure with your closest friends. After all, who doesn’t love debriefing to friends about their life, love and travels over coffee and delicious pastries? The current age of Instagram and Snapchat holds importance to what we wear and the colourful food on our plates which gets documented every day in our society.

So! To look stylish, eat and drink with your besties, here are some basic guidelines you can follow easily together:

1.Comfort is Key

Off the Shoulder Sweat Set available in Black and Grey

It is in between breakfast and lunch on a Sunday. You are half lounging around your wardrobe and trying to get ready to meet up with ‘Tash’ and ‘Emily’. You reach out to them in your group chat asking “Hey! What are you girls going to wear today?” to which they respond with “No idea! I am just super hungry!” 

So immediately fitted sundresses are out of the question. You do not want to show off your usually impressive food baby outside of the house.

Monochromatic sweatsuits are chic, comfortable and fashionably casual.

You barely have to separate yourself from your loungy mood to go out and share a meal. Style it back with comfortable sneakers, simple ponytails and a lip balm.

2. Layers and Textures

Capital Denim Trench Coat
Knitted Oversized Jumper
Raven Skinny Jeans

It might be a bit chilly and you want to look chic but showing skin is just out of the question. Your options can be denims, knits, trousers and coats. 

An easy ensemble is a pair of your favourite denims, a plain white tee and a light oversized coat. An oversized knit and a printed trouser is another chic look your bestie can sport and together you two will look stylishly appropriate for the cooler days.

3. Maxi Dresses

Mosaic Maxi Dress
Madame Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are an effortlessly show-stopping staple. It is the answer to your prayers when you are on a resort vacay so why wouldn’t you want to rock it to your next brunch date? You want to feel like you're on holiday, scoff down a delicious meal and drink a refreshing smoothie, why not look the part? There is plenty of room for your food baby to breathe and still look like a summer goddess. What a win-win situation!

4. Voila GF!

Khaki Sleeve Detail Blouse
Tailored Highwaisted Shorts
West Bell Flare Top
French Twist Midi Dress

Sometimes it can be all in the details when looking to find a stylish outfit together. Pairing a long sleeve under a strappy dress is a combo favourite with a french accent. A high waist tailored short with a clean blouse is another feminine and fun outfit. Pair both in fun heels for a more formal brunch occasion.

Photographer- Ingrid Coles 
Models- Mereana Tupangaia & Grazia Mezas
Agency- Chic Management